ddurdle's XBMC / KODI Cloud Service Plugins

For XBMC / KODI GDrive (Google Drive) plugin, including how to setup OAUTH2 authentication, visit here

Installing XBMC / KODI plugins manually:

Installing the plugin only (no automatic updates):

  1. download the .zip file
  2. transfer the .zip file to XBMC
  3. in Video Add-on, select Install from .zip

Installing XBMC / KODI with automatic updates:

Installing the repository (automatic updates):

  1. download the repository.ddurdle (download from http://dmdsoftware.net/repository.ddurdle.zip or https://github.com/ddurdle/repository.ddurdle/blob/master/repository.ddurdle.zip)
  2. transfer the .zip file to XBMC
  3. in Video Add-ons, select Install from .zip; repository should be installed
  4. in Video Add-ons, select Get Add-ons, select ddurdle's XBMC Addons, select Video Add-ons, select the plugin name

To support the continued development of this any ddurdle's other XBMC / KODI plugins, please considering donating using Paypal at the following URL http://goo.gl/j7v7SD