ddurdle's XBMC / KODI Cloud Service Plugins

Some comments about the SSL script method:

Getting Started

  1. Authorize Microsoft OneDrive access.

    Open in a web browser the following URL
    Authorize the KODI OneDrive plugin. You will be presented with prompt to enter a username and passcode. These creditials you create are not your Microsoft Account, but credentials you create that you will share with the plugin so that it may retrieve the "code" displayed on screen. This will allow you authenticate the plugin without having to type a long OAUTH2 code

  2. Setup an account in the plugin.

    Go into the Add-on Settings for the plugin. Select the SSL Script under Login Type. Enter the username and passcode you entered in the previous step. Click OK.

  3. The plugin should now authenticate and retrieve the code. Note that the code is a one-time use code and expires if not used immediately. You will need to repeat this process on each system install.

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